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– Zunaid Moti

Zunaid Moti

The Biography of Zunaid Moti

Zunaid Moti, Chairman of the Moti Group, is unquestionably one of the most successful businessmen in South Africa. The story of his rise from humble beginnings to success is inspirational, and the advice he has to give on business and life should be taken on board by all entrepreneurs.

Moti grew up in a home where money was always tight. Moti would wash the school bus on weekends so that he and his sister could travel the 110 km round trip to and from school daily. Not one to focus on the negative and dwell in the past, Moti chuckles when recounting how, during one of his assignments, he had to choose a topic on which to write. He chose “When I am a millionaire, I will…”, his very succinct and indeed prophetic response being that he would “get my PA to write this for me”. Needless to say, he failed that assignment, but he has definitely succeeded in life. Through pure tenacity, a bit of cheekiness, and developing a deep relationship with his mentor, he made over R40 million from selling shares in a business just before his 22nd birthday.

Social Responsibility

Moti Group is preparing to double its investments in Zimbabwe to $500 million. In partnership with Sakunda Holdings, Moti plans to spend $250 million over the next four years in projects ranging from chrome-ore mining to fertilizer, diamond polishing and pharmaceuticals. The group has already invested about $250 million to date, mainly in mining.

The company is now planning to boost production at its African Chrome Fields Ltd. unit through the use of small-scale miners. “We will provide them with some additional equipment and safety gear, and pick up the product with our trucks, where we will pay them cash,” Moti said. His company has been involved for three years in the mine and employs close to 1,300 people.